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FaceApp Inc - August 10, 2019
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Trends come and go but everyone's love towards selfies seems to be never-ending. People love seeing themselves on the phone's screen as they take a photo for many different reasons. Most importantly, they can strike the right pose. However, even if they fail to look good, there are apps they can use to change that...

FaceApp is a new trend among photo editors. It's a photo morphing and photo-editing app which can be used to transform your face in ways you couldn't even imagine. You can add makeup, change your smile, hair color, hairstyle, add glasses, beard, and so on. It looks quite realistic and we are certain that no other app can do a better job.

However, FaceApp became famous for yet another feature: it can make you look older and younger! You have probably seen photos of celebrities with at least 40 years added to their age and that was done with FaceApp. Have you ever wondered what would you look like if you were a girl?

Well, FaceApp can provide an answer! Still, adding effects feels slow at times, as the photo processing is performed on the cloud using machine learning. You can take photos from within the app by positioning your face in the designated area, but you can also edit photos from your gallery or from Facebook.

The app can be downloaded for free but most features are only available in the Pro version which costs $3.99. There has been controversy surrounding the app and its privacy settings, especially the way it treats photos you take. However, further analysis has shown that its privacy management is no different than what Facebook or other major photo-sharing platforms do!

• Offers plenty of features you can't find anywhere else
• Transforming your face is quite realistic
• See yourself how you look older or younger
• It also provides basic editing options
• Most features are only available in the Pro version
• Adding effects can be slow at times


Minimum requirements

• Android 5.0+

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Operating system: Android

Package name: io.faceapp

Supported languages: English

Release date: 2019-08-09

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